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Australian Coupon Submission

Supporting both the community and Aussie Store Owners.

The Couponic is a community run website which is aimed to be free and easy to use. If you are a Store or merchant representative, please check the Store Rep link when submitting a coupon ( currently upgrading this feature so submit anyway! )

Note: Coupon codes with no expiry date will not be added due to influx of seo spam.  Bots usually do not add an expiry date.

I have also noticed an influx of submissions using url shorteners like, These get flagged as spam instantly which means I have to go through every submission to check the destination url is indeed legit.

Couponic tracks mostly coupon codes but also takes deals, pre-orders and printable deals from the community, just remember to mark the deal type.

If you submit on a regular basis, you will be granted auto publishing rights, otherwise all submissions are manually approved before publishing.

Submitted Listings must also not directly link to another Deal type website as this adds no value to our users. See our Submission Terms.

Store owners can also utilise the Merchant Affiliate Network Commission Factory instead of submitting directly as this website integrates directly into their API feed. Any issues, please leave feedback on our contact form and we will be glad to help.

Submit directly on a Store page

Did you know you can submit a code directly to its store page, just hit the Submit tab on any store page and fill out the details.

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You can find all your submissions in the Couponic user Dashboard or go here for quick access.

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