Lootcrate Australian Review

  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review
  • Lootcrate Australian Review

Welcome to 6 months of a Lootcrate subscription: The Couponic Review.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for geeks, gamers and pop culture fans filled with an assortment of collectable goodness. Every month you get a box usually based on a specific theme, movie or game which includes various collectibles and a shirt to match.

There are a few different theme and tiered options available including:

  • The original Lootcrate
  • The Lootcrate DX
  • Gaming
  • Pop Culture
  • Apparel
  • Anime

For this review we chose the original Lootcrate which is a multi themed box and is available for $40 a month delivered.

Junes theme was Jurassic Park and included a not so Jurassic Park plush Godzilla. Contents can be a mixed bag but you will always find something entertaining and geeky to showoff to your mates.

Easily my favorite part of receiving my Lootcrate is the supplied T-shirt. You won’t find many people wearing these designs in Australia and the quality is generally pretty decent barring a couple of exceptions which I’ll go into.

For my subscription I chose XL though supplied shirts can vary in actual size. My favourite T-shirt over the 6 months was a Black Panther themed Tee with a slick subtle design and it fit perfectly. My not so favourite was probably my biggest disappointment. A Back to the Future themed Tee which a great design though which appeared to be as wide as it was long. Not content wearing a makeshift bag over my body I sadly relegated the T-shirt to the back of the closet.

This probably highlights the biggest downsides to Subscription boxes, sometimes you get something not quite what you expected – or wanted.

Most of the stuff you do get though is perfect for decorating your office or gaming room in order to show off you pop culture cred. I have received items from the likes of The Expanse, The Avengers, Westworld and Archer and they all sit happily at home in my small Computer room.

Every box supplied can be reversed as in our first picture above and they do actually look pretty good sitting on a bookshelf.  Lootpin secret codes can be redeemed on the Lootcrate site for digital comics via Comixology which can then be viewed on your mobile or tablet.

Delivery times can take a while and you will often receive the box a few weeks after everyone has in in the US – not an issue but it can be hard keeping the contents a surprise.

Lootcrate also often run various coupon promotions which can be found on their homepage or you can also find them right here when available.

9.3 Total Score
Lootcrate Subscription box Ratings

Lootcrate fills that collectable itch with awesome pop culture and gaming goodness.

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

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