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Shipping and delivery estimates

The ‘Ships’ timeframe is an estimate of when the item will ship from our warehouse. The items on your order will ship when available.

  • If your item is in stock, your order is estimated to ship within 3 business days. Delivery will depend on your destination.
  • If your item is backordered or pre-ordered, we will estimate your item’s shipping date before you place your order. If you chose to pay by credit card, we do not bill you until your order is ready to ship.
  • If you have ordered multiple items with different ship readiness dates, you may receive separate shipments.
  • Depending on shipment and delivery conditions, your order may ship when all items are ready to ship.

The ‘Delivers’ timeframe is an estimate of when the item will be delivered to your shipping address after it ships.

All estimates are based on business days.

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