Auto Cashback

Coming soon in December:

Welcome to Auto Cashback by the Couponic

Auto cashback is simply cashback in a coupon code, it reduces the hassle from some of the requirements of the Cashback model by providing the savings directly to the customer.  In Couponic tradition this is simply another code you can enter at you favourite stores checkout.

How Does it work?

A cashback website usually receives a commission or advertising revenue from participating retailers that, after the purchase is confirmed, is then shared with the customer who made the purchase.  Couponic removes this by providing the commission directly to our visitors which can then be entered at any participating retailers online store.

What are the benefits?

  • No waiting for your Cashback. The amount of time that it takes to receive the cashback is instant – Thresholds for cashback payments are no longer necessary.
  • Cancelled or returned goods are no longer an issue for the retailer as the coupon discount can always be tracked and is part of a purchase.
  • Cashback rewards can range from Paypal payments, Gift Cards even discount codes, now you can just grab the best discount you can at your favourite store.

Doesn’t this reduce the amount of money you guys make?

Of course, though the Couponic was never setup to make tonnes of money, if our hosting is paid for, we are happy although a few extra beers always goes down well :).  The Couponic model is also not going to change, Store owners and the community will always be able to add coupon codes directly to the site for free.  We appreciate these savings just like everyone else.

Where will I see these Auto Cashback Codes?

Codes submitted under this model will be given their own page which we will update here as soon as we are live.  If you have any comments or advice, please feel free to have a chat below.


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