Christmas Gift Ideas for Mum and Baby: Softies soft silicone necklaces and accessories

When my kids were just bubs, actually it wasn’t that long ago, they loved to grab Mums necklace and proceed to put it directly in their mouth or try and wave it around and pull on it with enthusiastic determination.  The solution then was to simply remove the item or put baby in the corner.

Nobody puts baby in the corner! Jewelry and babies really do not mix very well as little pieces can it be dangerous for a bub, it can be quite costly too when that fine jewel necklace becomes a hundred pieces flying everywhere with gleeful abandon.

The solution? Introducing Softies Silicone Jewellery by Ruby Olive. Why didn’t they think of this years ago. Softies are fabulously soft silicone necklaces and accessories which are perfect for your baby’s exploring hands, especially for nursing mothers as they are made from non-toxic and food grade silicone.

Ruby Olive are so excited to release this range which first featured exclusively in the subscription boxes of Australia’s #1 Baby and Parenting website Babyology, they are offering everyone a discount on every Softies purchase. Until the end of December, you can get $5 Off every item in this range: $5 Off.

All of the Softies pieces are stylish, available in a range of fantastic thoughtful colours and are also made from BPA free, non-toxic food grade silicone, with a quick release clasp for safety, and can be easily washed in warm soapy water.

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